The 2014 Recent Alumni Achievement Award: Mike (’06) and Bonnie (Chalmers ’07) Lang

Mike (’06) and Bonnie (Chalmers ’07) Lang have been chosen to receive the 2014 Recent Alumni Achievement Award because of their initiative to transform their difficult personal challenge into an opportunity to give back to the cancer community. After being diagnosed Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 3 in May 2008, Mike began to think of how he could engage fully with his cancer experience. Applying his passion for the outdoors and his experiences as a cancer survivor, he and Bonnie started a non-profit organization called “Survive & Thrive – Cancer Programs”. The first Survive & Thrive Expedition – Kayaking Edition was held in July 2009 and that trip was turned into the documentary film, Wrong Way to Hope: An Inspiring Story of Young Adults and Cancer. Since 2009, Mike and Bonnie have led many kayaking expeditions, sailing expeditions and trips down the Grand Canyon as well as facilitated many retreats, conferences and support group events with young adult cancer survivors.

See the video of Mike and Bonnie that premiered at the Awards Gala, September 2014.

The 2014 Alumni Achievement Award: Julie (Grant ’89) Kerr

Alumna Julie (Grant ’89) Kerr has been chosen to receive The 2014 Alumni Achievement Award for her significant contribution to provincial health care as Senior Operating Officer Community Rural and Mental Health – Calgary Zone. Working with a budget exceeding $1 billion and a staff of 7,000, Julie was notably instrumental in the Calgary Flood crisis for her creative solutions in leading Alberta Health Services’ community response of medical and mental health supports to thousands of displaced Albertans, including long term care residents, addiction and mental health clients, home care patients and people with chronic conditions. By using student housing on college and university campuses and community centres, Julie was able to keep hospital ER rooms available for emergent care.

See the video of Julie that premiered at the Awards Gala, September 2014.

The 2014 Calvin & Muriel Hanson Raw Edge of Faith Award: Alman Chan (’85)

Alumnus Alman Chan (’85) has been chosen to receive The 2014 Calvin & Muriel Hanson Raw Edge of Faith Award for his inspirational work in growing the Hong Kong’s Christian Zheng Sheng College for kids with drug addictions. In 1995, Alman was approached by the board of directors of the parent ministry for Christian Zheng Sheng College. There was a desperate need for alternative treatment for drug-addicted juvenile delinquents, aside from a detention institute. There was a dream to open a school on a remote island off the coast of Hong Kong, and the board wanted Alman to lead it. When the school opened, there were only 16 students, and Alman taught 2 classes simultaneously through a window between two separate rooms. The school now has a hundred students and 15+ teachers, with a focus on building self-esteem and positive relationships, and has been acclaimed for the success of its treatment programs. Christian Zheng Sheng College recently celebrated its first graduate to attend university.

See the video of Alman that premiered at the Awards Gala, September 2014.

In addition:

2010 Alumni Distinction Award: Curtis Johnston (’90)

Curtis Johnston (’90) was awarded The 2010 Alumni Distinction Award in September, 2014. This is because Curtis’ presentation event was postponed when the previous Alumni Department was disbanded in 2010.

Curtis has distinguished himself in his work as a physician at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) in Edmonton. He was promoted to the role of Facility Medical Director for RAH and the Associate Zone Medical Director for 3 Hospitals: Glenn Rose Rehabilitation Hospital, RAH and the Sturgeon Community Hospital. Trained as an intensive care physician and kidney specialist, Curtis spends half of his time at the hospital improving health care systems, and half his time doing clinical work. He also oversees 250 students in the hospital, making sure to connect with them one-on-one when they work with him in the intensive care units.

Curtis is also as a professor at the University of Alberta, teaching the Resident Nurses and continues to enhance the learning environments. Since entering full-time practice, he has been nominated regularly by the interns and residents who train at the RAH and has twice received the Teacher of the Year Award.