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When Bob Kuhn (’72) first agreed to be the Interim President of Trinity Western University in 2013, he thought it would only be temporary. He had practised as a lawyer for more than 30 years and didn’t feel qualified to lead a business the size and complexity of a university. But as an alumnus who deeply loved the school, he decided to do his part to serve where he could. What followed over the next five years was an experience quite unlike anything he could have ever imagined.

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Meet Your Board Member: Norma Kennedy (Bodin, ’69) From Past To Present

Norma Kennedy (Bodin, ’69) attended Trinity Western (then-called Trinity Junior College) at a time when the school was just starting to discover itself. Even though much has changed in the time since Kennedy was a student, she and her friends have determined to stay involved. Now a newly-elected member of the TWU Alumni Association board, Kennedy is excited to be a part of the many wonderful things she is certain God is doing both on campus and beyond.

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A Christmas Eve Adoption

On Christmas Eve, 2013, Karlynn (Bender, ’95) and her husband James opened their home to three young girls and changed their collective lives forever. Karlynn, a registered provisional psychologist, knew that thousands of children float in and out of foster homes or group homes every year. As the children get older, the hope of adoption often goes down. This was something that deeply troubled Karlynn and James. So, after learning that they could not have biological children, they decided to open their home and make themselves available as adoptive parents.

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The Trinity Western University Alumni Association is an independent non-profit organization founded to help alumni, students, and TWU flourish in the marketplaces of life by fostering a Christ-centred community that generously offers their time, talents, and treasure for the benefit of all.

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