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The Silent Scream: Student and Alumni Co-Write Play Dealing With Cultural and Body Dysphoria.

There’s an old Indigenous tale about two wolves who battle inside every individual. One is evil and one is good, and the one who wins is the one that’s fed. Alexandria Bay (’19) connected with this story from the moment she heard it. The battle of these two wolves was something that made sense to her. Later, when things in her life spiralled out of control, she was reminded of this story. It gave her a frame of reference when it came to dealing with the conflicting emotions that raged in her own tormented soul.

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Struggling Alcoholic Wrote Poetry On Instagram To Help Stay Sober

In almost every way, Jonathan Luiten (’01) seemed to be living the perfect life. He was thriving in his work, made six figures a year, was well-travelled, and had what appeared to be a happy family. No one—not even him—knew the truth of his alcohol addiction. But from 2007 to 2014, his life quickly unravelled and everything he thought he knew about himself changed forever.

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Rediscovering The True, The Good, and The Beautiful

Alexandra Hudson (’14) could hardly contain her excitement when she was appointed to a position in the US Department of Education. In many ways, this was a dream come true. She brimmed with optimism when she arrived at her Washington D.C. office for her first day. She couldn’t wait to help America’s students thrive! But after one year, she'd become disillusioned with the slow-moving, inefficient federal bureaucracy. She wondered how the true, good, and the beautiful—the things she loved most in this world—could exist in a place like this.

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Annual MSN Alumni BBQ

Calling all MSN alumni, current students, and faculty! It’s a great time to be outside! Come...

May 22 @ 6:00 pm
Trinity Western University—Marlie Snider Collegium
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