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The TWU Alumni Way

The TWU Alumni Way is a set of six values statements meant to help define the unique characteristics of TWU alumni. These statements are what on-mission alumni have in common and what sets us apart as we purpose together as a community to live out this calling, wherever we are in the world.

As alumni of Trinity Western University, we are a community striving to engage our world, making it a better place, by acting on a vision of how Christ is redeeming the world. To that end, we will endeavour to:

Follow the example and the person of Jesus, devoting ourselves to being people of love, humility, self-sacrifice, mercy, justice, and compassion.
Cultivate our minds and intellect, pursuing truth humbly, discovering and sharing knowledge. We will approach ideas and conversations openly and constructively.
We will seek to establish sustainable rhythms and patterns for our lives, the body, the spirit, and the mind, forming habits of self-control.
We will be honest, authentic and inclusive in our relationships with acquaintances, close friends, family, or intimate relationships, engaging with genuine commitment, care and respect for others.
By serving others with generosity and love, we seek to humanize, rescue, and make whole. We respond willingly to the world’s most profound needs and greatest opportunities, in our work, neighbourhoods, passions and pursuits.
We are leaders, culture-makers, risk-takers. We are life-seeking people of community who bring illumination, vibrancy and brightness. Within the settings we live, play, and work, we add life, integrity, and insight.